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I just wanted to take the time to say that I thank those of you who have joined. I truly hope you are all well and treating others in this world as you would like them to treat you as well. It really is that simple.

Not that I hope to change the world, but its just good to know even this small amount of people are out there. You can make your life a happier place by giving love. I hope this year is wonderful for all of you, and if any of you find yourselves in need of someone to talk to about something in your life, please get a hold of me via email:

The world is full of both positive and negative things that can consume you. It is up to you which you decide to pay attention to and put your energy into. If you are feeling lazy and tired, make yourself get out and go for a jog, or do some pushups. It WILL make you feel better. Do not get discouraged with difficulty, as most things worth doing are not easy. Keep your environment clean and maintained, it will give you a sense of health and pride which is subconsciously beneficial for you.

Wash your car, wipe the snow off. Be patient with others, and realize it could be you on the other end of someone else's patience soon. If you have others you love, treat them like it, and if you have no one right now, love yourself and settle for no less than what you honestly deserve. And if you do not deserve the person you want to find right now, work on yourself and attract them to your life with the proper choices and actions.

Pay cash for as much as you can. Pay now and play later, you will save money and be happier without the looming debt in your life. When you are free of large financial obligations, there is a sense of freedom money can't buy.

Take time to seriously determine where you are, and where you want to go. Analyze what you are doing and be honest with yourself about how realistic it is that you will get there on your current path of choices. Build beneficial habits into your actions. Brush your teeth, drink water, stand in nature if you can. Zoom out from the chaos of your life and see the entire earth, and that we are all in this together. Live within or under your means so that you can reach goals faster.

Most importantly, take responsibility for your actions, and emotions. Realize that all psychological pain you experience, is your choice. You CAN develop thinking patterns that turn a shitty situation into an opportunity. It takes time.

I love you guys.

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The Members of the group recognize that ART is EXPRESSION from the CREATOR. If you harass people for what they choose to express in their medium, this group is not for you.

We support the rights of the ALL PEOPLE to express themselves in ALL FORMS and do not hold ourselves above or below anyone for their expression or capabilities or results.

We treat others as we want to be treated, meaning:

#1 If we see something we DON'T like, we respect the right of the creator to express and move on to things we DO like.

#2 We spread LOVE and ENCOURAGEMENT, not NEGATIVITY. We don't spend time being passive aggressive or breaking people down.

It's really that simple. This group will NOT feature artwork, only members of a like passion for spreading love and support to the freedom of self expression, regardless of that expressions outcome.

We do not believe we are a "better" or "more righteous" group of people for living this way. We simply see it as the logical path to the progression of humanity, and prefer to live life spreading love.








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